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  • What is 3G Manager?

    3G Manager is a Proxy Software running on Raspberry PI Hardware. By connecting Dongles with Sim Cards, it is possible to create personal Proxies out of the Carrier IPs which work worldwide.

  • How does it work?

    The Huawei Dongles connected to the Raspberry PI provide mobile Internet Access on your network. 3G Manager creates different Proxies like Socks5, HTTP, and VPN on this network and makes it globally accessible.

  • What will I get?

    You will get a detailed guide on what Hardware to purchase along with complete step by step instructions on how to assemble and install the software. Once everything is ready, you will get access to an Online Panel for managing the device and Proxy Settings.

  • Does this Software work in the USA?

    We are currently not supporting the USA because of the different LTE Bands and Frequencies. USA Dongles are more expensive and now globally out of stock. Once the situation changes, we might support the USA in the future.

  • How many Dongles can I connect to the Raspberry PI?

    The Raspberry PI 3 is limited to 6 Dongles by the Hardware, there as the Raspberry PI 4 can handle even 10 Dongles. We limit our licensing to 10 Dongles per Device because of possible overloading. If you are using all Connections at the same time, you might even overload the Hardware with 10 Dongles. If you notice instability, try to reduce active Connections.